I also took the quiz and (as usual) did better than Evan. I am so unashamed of my results I will give you a link to all of my results:  http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=NABPIlpCABUuCjI-IA-ACBBD-4300
Reserved realist, what a badass.
Hey guys, Evan here. Sorry we haven't been updating this thing for a while, we've just been so.... busy. But Summer is nearly here, so we'll have less to do, and thus more updates for YOU. On that note, I am still busy. Here's an apology: Evan's PersonalDNA, courtesy of PersonalDNA. Go there and take the test to find your own Personal DNA. So, here's Evan's results: 
(HINT: Hold the cursor over the colors to see what they mean!)
Apparently he's a "Free-Wheeling Director". What a dork. Enjoy!!
Well, my birthday was on the 28th last month. I must say, I'm a little disappointed of you all -- we had only 3 views that day. I am dissapoint.
But there was one good thing, though: nobody asked or pointed out that I was "almost born on a leap day". FYI, I wasn't born on a leap year, plus I was born out a C-Section -- my b-day was 100% planned. Try using your math next time. 
Oh, here's a meme to summarize my life. Enjoy.
Hey guys. I hope y'all don't like SOPA. Because if you do, than you hate us. We have SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH copywrited material here at WIN. Have you seen all the page headers? None of that is our own work. It's mostly Memebase's stuff. But, we remained cool with the whole thing, by not going all Wikipedia on you. That is, we didn't host a blackout. We should've, though. Would've been fun, telling you guys to go to Wikipedia to find out what SOPA is, but then... BOOM! Wikipedia is having their blackout too! Would've been a nice burn, yes? I hope so... We'll need to do that for next time. Oh, here's a picture of the Wiki blackout incase you missed it. Rather ominous, yes? I think it's kinda dark and depressing, helps to amplify the disaster internet censorship would be. 
Hey guy, I know we've been slow on the website lately, but with the holidays, helping my grandparents move, moking a model of DNA replicating, memorizing the Dr. Seuss book "O the Places You'll go", Writing Northward Ho, giving interns orange earlobes, yada yada yada.  Any who, we decided to finally get the website moving again. Thanks for visiting even though we weren't updating and we will more often now. Another reason we haven't been updating is we have had no school work, so we can't procrastinate by writing blog entries. Soon though I'll go back giving Physics lectures to my friends and Evan will be Band-ing, and studying lighthouses and dolphins. We're just average high school freshmen. Here's what Evan has to say.
You'll probably not hear much of me, for I just recently re-found my SNES emulator and have been playing Kirby Super Star for the past few days. When I'm not, I've spent my break at the beach, particularly Point Reyes and the Marin Headlands. BTW, I'M the one who's making the DNA replication model--I've had three weeks to do so, and, as usual, I left it for the last 4 days to make it, as well as read the chapters and power points that I am supposed have read the first day off.In the meantime, playing Kirby Mass Attack and Kirby's Return to Dreamland have been the majority of my late nights... Mass Attack is fun, semi-original, and entertaining-- I like how they made Whispy Woods a somewhat difficult boss. As for Return to Dreamland, it's fun, I like the new powers, particularly Spear, but I wish Nintendo would stop leaching off old ideas. I mean, it's nice that the games have some new things, but I've noticed that Nintendo uses old formats now- Super Mario Bros Wii is like a combination of Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros, and Super Mario 3. Super Mario 3D Land is basically Super Mario 3. Kirby Super Star Ultra is basically Kirby Super Star. And Kirby's Return to Dreamland is a combination of Kirby Super Star, Kirby's Adventure, Kirby 64, and Kirby's Dreamland 3. Not very original, right?

Thanksgiving hangovers? What's that? Well, when you eat (a lot), you get fat. Basically, you feel like shit in the morning. Like a Denny's hangover, commonly experienced by members of the Napa High Marching Band. Hopefully, you all experienced one. The reason that this blog isn't being updated until now, and not yesterday, is because both me and Ben were eating. Like, a lot. Much food. Muchos foodes. Oh, right!
Today is Black Friday, ain't it? Well, in that case, why are you reading this? Go kill eachother trying to get the last Zhu Zhu hamster!... Oh wait, that was last year, wasn't it? In that case, kill eachother over some China-made toy that has lead poisoning in it! Wait, but then why am I at home, writing this? I should be there too, killing people over cheap junk! Haha, see ya!
Flash drives. What are they? To quote a friend of mine, they're little nuggets of sheer awesomeness. Did you hear that Charlie Sheen is bi-winning, well flash drives are tri-winning, nay, quad-winning. That's right, flash drives are the most awesome things ever. They make me a true modern day mobster, trading information and just being all around awesome. I make a great con man, and almost everyone owes me a favor. On an unrelated tangent, picture this: Blackbeard (a pirate ninja) riding a battle ostrich, through a battlefield, killing indiscriminately. Those terrorists are fucked now. Now some facts about ostriches: 1. They can exceed 70 MPH 2. Their kick can break a lion's jaw,causing the lion to starve. 3. They sometimes will be seen running across the desert, full speed, with nothing behind them because they forgot to look behind them to see if they were still being chased. 4. They have small brains.
On another tangent, I am an awesome waiter! I don't know how the quiet kid who suffers from OCD and severe anxiety managed to actually talk to strangers, but they seemed to like me. And one of the guys at the table I was waiting had an amazing beard. Another had the 5th greatest mustache ever. The list goes: 1. STALIIIIIIN! 4. Tom Selleck 3.http://verydemotivational.memebase.com/2010/10/22/demotivational-posters-holy-crap-3/ this guy  4. Mr. W 5. The guy at my table. I made $100 that night. And flash drives are still the coolest things ever. See how I brought everything together again, that's how talented I am.
It's almost Haloween again, or as we like to say here, HaloWIN! So, to help us celebrate this most special of times, tell us what you're being for HaloWIN! Or are you too cool for that? Either way, both Ben and I dressed up as Waldo for various events, but I was certainly more epic, for i was in a marching band performance at the time. Whatever you HaloWIN! style is, tell us what you're gonna be! 

Jack-o-Lantern ideas are welcome as well! Use this for your HaloWIN!
This is an update regarding my (Ben's) life. Yesterday I went to my middle school to visit then walked around Napa for an hour or two. After that I sat around for a while then logically proved one our interns *cough, Scotch, cough* is a complete and utter blithering idiot. After that I went to a Napa High Band halftime show (Evan's in the band), with a football game in the background. Any who, I talked to my band friends (Meigan and Gavin) and went to Denny's afterwards (with Evan) and eventually got home around 1:24 am, where I immediately began reading for a few hours before sleeping. When I woke up at 6:38 am, I proceeded with my reading for awhile before drinking my morning tea and going to tennis where I beat everyone. When I got home I got on the internet and stayed there. Throughout the day I thoroughly wasted my time in more ways than Hteer DuBois can count (about 4) and then decided to pull an all-nigher for the sheer hell of it. Seeing as I would be up late, I decided to update the blog, because around 3:56 my creative muse hits me, plus I'm funnier when I'm tired, which, come to think of it, is always. Any who, this is the summary of my weekend so far, now go buy a copy of my book, or I'll bruise your favorite fruit with a Frenchman, if the French can really be considered men.