It's almost Haloween again, or as we like to say here, HaloWIN! So, to help us celebrate this most special of times, tell us what you're being for HaloWIN! Or are you too cool for that? Either way, both Ben and I dressed up as Waldo for various events, but I was certainly more epic, for i was in a marching band performance at the time. Whatever you HaloWIN! style is, tell us what you're gonna be! 

Jack-o-Lantern ideas are welcome as well! Use this for your HaloWIN!

11/06/2011 18:25

you spelled "Halloween" wrong..

11/06/2011 19:30

You also didn't capitalize I, and I was ten times more epic than you, for I watched Night of the Living Dead, scared small children, AND hid in a crowd, all while dressed as Waldo.


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