We are having a quote contest! This is exciting! Be excited! The quotes will vary in difficulty and awesomeness! I love exclamation marks! Here are your quotes: "You stay classy San Diego" (name actor and character, or don't, 'cos someone already got this one) "I never let my schooling get in the way of my education" (person) "Only two things in this universe are infinite: the universe itself and human stupidity" (person)  "I'm too old for this s**t" (character) and finally "It's hard to feel like a feel like a falcon-headed killing machine when someone calls you chicken man" Prizes come with winning.

Lilly McCawsome
10/15/2011 20:24

I have that i made should put in your book 1. "Whats the point of wearing pants if your invisible?!" oh the San Diego one is from Anchorman and im too old for this s### has been more shows/books/movies then i have fingers and toes.

seƱor admin
10/16/2011 04:12

ho said it first (and best)?


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