Hey guys. I hope y'all don't like SOPA. Because if you do, than you hate us. We have SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH copywrited material here at WIN. Have you seen all the page headers? None of that is our own work. It's mostly Memebase's stuff. But, we remained cool with the whole thing, by not going all Wikipedia on you. That is, we didn't host a blackout. We should've, though. Would've been fun, telling you guys to go to Wikipedia to find out what SOPA is, but then... BOOM! Wikipedia is having their blackout too! Would've been a nice burn, yes? I hope so... We'll need to do that for next time. Oh, here's a picture of the Wiki blackout incase you missed it. Rather ominous, yes? I think it's kinda dark and depressing, helps to amplify the disaster internet censorship would be. 


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