Hey guy, I know we've been slow on the website lately, but with the holidays, helping my grandparents move, moking a model of DNA replicating, memorizing the Dr. Seuss book "O the Places You'll go", Writing Northward Ho, giving interns orange earlobes, yada yada yada.  Any who, we decided to finally get the website moving again. Thanks for visiting even though we weren't updating and we will more often now. Another reason we haven't been updating is we have had no school work, so we can't procrastinate by writing blog entries. Soon though I'll go back giving Physics lectures to my friends and Evan will be Band-ing, and studying lighthouses and dolphins. We're just average high school freshmen. Here's what Evan has to say.
You'll probably not hear much of me, for I just recently re-found my SNES emulator and have been playing Kirby Super Star for the past few days. When I'm not, I've spent my break at the beach, particularly Point Reyes and the Marin Headlands. BTW, I'M the one who's making the DNA replication model--I've had three weeks to do so, and, as usual, I left it for the last 4 days to make it, as well as read the chapters and power points that I am supposed have read the first day off.In the meantime, playing Kirby Mass Attack and Kirby's Return to Dreamland have been the majority of my late nights... Mass Attack is fun, semi-original, and entertaining-- I like how they made Whispy Woods a somewhat difficult boss. As for Return to Dreamland, it's fun, I like the new powers, particularly Spear, but I wish Nintendo would stop leaching off old ideas. I mean, it's nice that the games have some new things, but I've noticed that Nintendo uses old formats now- Super Mario Bros Wii is like a combination of Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros, and Super Mario 3. Super Mario 3D Land is basically Super Mario 3. Kirby Super Star Ultra is basically Kirby Super Star. And Kirby's Return to Dreamland is a combination of Kirby Super Star, Kirby's Adventure, Kirby 64, and Kirby's Dreamland 3. Not very original, right?


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