Thanksgiving hangovers? What's that? Well, when you eat (a lot), you get fat. Basically, you feel like shit in the morning. Like a Denny's hangover, commonly experienced by members of the Napa High Marching Band. Hopefully, you all experienced one. The reason that this blog isn't being updated until now, and not yesterday, is because both me and Ben were eating. Like, a lot. Much food. Muchos foodes. Oh, right!
Today is Black Friday, ain't it? Well, in that case, why are you reading this? Go kill eachother trying to get the last Zhu Zhu hamster!... Oh wait, that was last year, wasn't it? In that case, kill eachother over some China-made toy that has lead poisoning in it! Wait, but then why am I at home, writing this? I should be there too, killing people over cheap junk! Haha, see ya!

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